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PWC produces Forged wheel, spun-forged wheel rims and extrusion casting center for automotive, SUV, racing, truck and bus. NO other manufacturer in the world offers the breadth of rim options, with diameters from 15” to 26”, and rim widths from 1” to 16”, in 1/2” increments. 
All Products 
•  Rim-halves for 3-piece wheels
•  1-piece rim for a monoblock wheel, fusion center

•  1-piece rim for a 2-piece wheel, welded center

PWC outstand as the only 3-piece and 2pcs manufacturer offering their “folder lip technology” on all of its reverse-mount, inner and outer rim.This patent design the 3pcs and 2pcs ,forging market with unequalled strength that more than double the lip strength of each rim.
Manufacturing Outstand 
•  Aerospace technology for Fusion wheel.
•  All process is cold machine to save energy and co2 emission 0 liter
•  Special aluminum sheet by 30k hydraulic force machine and 6kcomd strength machine.
•  Global, latest rim spinning technology (some process are patent) and machining equipment 
•  Siemens controls on all spinning lathes, with cutting edge software 
•  Complete, independent, in-house tooling machine shop 
•  30 + years of experience: 10+ years of aerospace design and 20+ years of CNC metal spinning (rim specific) 
•  Single location, PWC signed and owned 30000 square meter manufacturing facility that enhances tight control over quality and product flow 
•  Rims made completely in PWC facility 
•  All rims material, manufacture to ISO standards with test certification, rim pass all international wheel testing (TUV, JWL, TRA, etc). … from raw material to finished rim
Rims Categories