Precision Wheel Components Co Ltd is a world leader in manufacturing automotive wheel components for 3 piece, 2 piece and monoblock wheels to suit cars, SUV’s, light trucks, race cars and soon for the truck and bus industries.

Our 3-pcs wheels can be available for the universal sizes 13"、14"、 15"、16" 、17"、18"、19"、20" 、21"、 22"、23"24"、26"、30"、32". If special size is required, we can also customize it upon the agreement.
New spinning technology, using 5th generation CNC spinning machines,was developed in partnership with international engineers and is a result of 40 years of manufacturing experience in single, 2 piece and 3 piece wheels.

Sunny was introduced to engineering early with his father designing and engineering engine parts and propulsion systems for the aerospace industry. Sunny also worked in aerospace as an engineer for 10 years before becoming involved in metal spinning R&D and production for automotive wheels.

We look forward to continuing to serve our customers with quality components at reasonable cost, so they can deliver final products that meet or exceed the expectations of their customers.

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